Barony of Rivenstar Financial Policies


The following Financial Policy serves as an addendum to the requirements set forth by the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA Financial Policy, and the Middle Kingdom Branch Financial Policy. This policy is governed by Modern Law, Corpora, SCA Financial Policy, Kingdom Law, and Kingdom Financial Policy, and will be revised, as needed, to remain in compliance with these superseding documents.

General Procedures

The Financial Committee shall consist of all dues paid members in attendance at an official business meeting, although non-paid members may voice opinions.

All rules and procedures created to govern the handling of the Barony of Rivenstar's finances shall be contingent upon current rules and regulations of Corpora, Kingdom, and civil laws.

All financial decisions will be made at official business meetings, except in emergency situations, as determined by the Seneschal and Exchequer. The minimum requirement for a financial vote is the Seneschal, Exchequer, and Baron/Baroness.

All financial decisions, except for feast preparation items, are to be agreed upon by a simple majority of the Financial Committee prior to purchase and reimbursement. All Barony members who wish to vote must attend official business meetings.

The Baron/Baroness, Seneschal, and Exchequer, or their deputy, must be present for all financial decisions.

Anyone wanting to review the Barony's financial documents may contact the Exchequer for a one on one review.

The Baronial bank account will be a checking account, with the Exchequer, Seneschal, and at least one other paid member chosen by the Financial Committee being listed as signatories, as well as the Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer or a designated representative. Each check will bear the signatures of any two of the signatories. The signatories are to have signatures previously approved and on file by the bank and Regional Seneschal.

A majority vote of Barony members in attendance at an official business meeting will determine whether a proposed change to Baronial Financial Policies are to be adopted. This financial policy will be reviewed at least every five years, or as needed.

Event Budgets and Planning

Payment of unexpected expenses are to be voted on by the Barony prior to reimbursement.

Items purchased and used for feast preparation, i.e. food, pans, utensils, will be reimbursed after the event, unless special arrangements are made in advance and agreed to by the Financial Committee.

Reimbursement of approved expenses will be reimbursed to individuals once receipts are received by the Exchequer. All receipts are to be turned into the Exchequer by the next official business meeting. Any reimbursement requests made after 30 days of the event will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis for approval by the Financial Committee.

The Non-Member fees do not need a majority vote from the Financial Committee and will be immediately dispersed.

The event report will be available as soon as all receipts have been reimbursed and the event report processed, per SCA Financial policy.

Event admission charges, complimentary passes, or complimentary feast tickets will only be available to persons approved by the autocrat and the Financial Committee. A list of these persons and what charges are to be comped is to be provided to Troll prior to the event.

A standard comp for attending royalty is King, Queen, Prince, Princess and their children. All other comps are on a case by case basis, per request prior to the event.

Servers are charged 1/2 of the feast fee.

Family cap consists of a minimum of two parents and one child. It will be computed as 3 times the adult member rate.

Children 0-3 are not charged a site fee.

4-18 are charged 1/2 of the adult site fee - subject to the family cap

Exchequer Duties

The Exchequer will reconcile the bank statement monthly to the books of account and provide a copy of the reconciliation and bank statement to the Seneschal for signature at the next official business meeting. Scanned copies of the signed bank statement and monthly report will be sent to the Seneschal and Regional Kingdom Exchequer. All copies will be kept on file electronically and as hard copies.

The exchequer is responsible for running Troll or finding approved persons to run Troll and collect funds for feast and gate. The exchequer shall develop and implement a process to ensure adequate cash control at an event.

An emergency is defined by

  1. An event issue needing resolution within 24-hours where the Financial Committee cannot meet
  2. Any other issue requiring resolution within 48 hours.

The Seneschal and Exchequer may approve emergency expenses, such decisions to be reviewed at the next official meeting for final ratification.