Baronial Transition

Choosing the next Baron and Baroness

General Information:

We appreciate you taking the time to look into your Baron(s)/Baroness(es)!

What Can You Do to Help?

  • Ensure your address is up to date and correct on the Kingdom services portal (HERE) so your vote is tallied correctly.
  • Learn about the candidate(s) and think carefully about their strengths and weaknesses
  • Read the candidates' Letters of Intent
  • Listen to their Q&A Videos if available
  • Fill out the poll correctly before the deadline.

Who can fill out a poll?

If you participate in Rivenstar's activities, we consider you a member of Rivenstar and encourage you to fill out a poll, regardless of whether you are a paid member and no matter where you live within the group. However there are separate polls for those who live within Rivenstar's ZIP codes and for everyone else. These polls are tallied separately. It is especially important for you to fill out a poll if you are a member of our populace and live within the Barony's ZIP codes, since the results may be rejected if not enough member polls are returned. It's highly suggested that you write substantive comments on your poll - not just click rating numbers. The more comments - the better the chances of the polling process not being rejected.

How can I submit my Letter of Intent?

Detailed instructions are posted HERE.

Do I live in Rivenstar?

You can search your ZIP code using the Midrealm ZIP code search function . To do so, go to the Midrealm Services Portal. In the sidebar, select the down arrow next to "Groups"; then select "Find a group by ZIP" - or click HERE.

More questions?

Check out the FAQ sheet here.


  • 11-OCT-20: Baron and Baroness announce their intention to step down
  • 12-OCT-20: Baron and Baroness are available for meetings to discuss the office and their experiences
  • 18-OCT-20: Letters of intent now accepted
  • 14-NOV-20: Deadline for letters of intent
  • 6-DEC-20: Polling begins
  • 2-JAN-21: Polling ends

From Their Excellencies:

Good day all,

I hope this finds you well and in good spirits.

As most of you know April 2021 marks 5 years for Mailie and myself as Your Baron and Baroness. This also marks the end of our intended tenure, and after much contemplation and discussion we will not be seeking another term. It has been a pleasure and great joy to be the face of this fine group, and we look forward to supporting those who will step up and lead ,especially in this difficult age.

I do not know what the near term will bring for us as a group, society, or even humanity. I know whatever may come we will rise up to meet it. I have faith in the love and strength of this community, and more specifically this Barony.

In service,

Adam and Mailie

Letters of Intent

All who wish to be considered for the role of Baron or Baroness of Rivenstar must submit a Letter of Intent.

The letters must include:

  • SCA name and any titles - this is how the candidate will be listed on the poll.
  • Legal name
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Copy of valid membership card (valid through the transition time period)
  • Copy of photo identification
  • Photo of the candidates to be publically posted with the Letter of Intent
  • A current MK photo release form (Found HERE)

Letters will be accepted no early than October 18th and no later than November 14th.

All letters should be sent to in either PDF or Word format.


Polls will be made available from December 6th to January 2nd


How do I get my poll?

There will be two Google poll links that will be published on this webpage. All those within the Baronial populace should complete the poll described as the "resident poll"; and those who live outside of the geographic area of the polling group should complete the "non-resident poll." There will be separate links for each.

How do I know if I'm a member of the group?

A member is defined as a person who lives within the geographic boundaries of the barony/group. Please check with your baronial/group seneschal or on the Middle Kingdom website if you are unsure of your group's geographic area (Click HERE.)


If you've recently moved into a new group, your address should be updated with the Kingdom's membership office. This needs to be completed prior to polls going out to ensure your name appears as a member of your group (Usually by the 1st of the month of the date the polling link goes out).


If your membership was unpaid or has lapsed, when the polls were created, then you may not be considered an "active" status member of the Society. (Though you no longer need to be a paid member within the group's geographical area to cast a poll.)


Those who live outside of the geographic area of the Barony are welcome to complete a "non-resident" poll. While these polls are tallied separately, the Crown still values the opinions of all members of Their populace.

Can my child (children) complete a poll?

If your child lives in the geographic area of the polling group - and can complete the poll by themselves with little to no help doing so - then yes, they can complete a poll. It is suggested that you allow your child to complete the poll on their own without parental assistance - and, ideally they are age 12+. If your child is too young to have an opinion, or you prefer them to leave them out of the process, then please do not complete a poll for them.

Please note that all polls are verified by geographic location.

Please return your polls using ONLY ONE of these options (not both!)


What if I don't have internet access OR prefer not to complete an online poll?

If you prefer not to complete the online poll - and are a resident of the transitioning group - a hard copy poll will also be made available from your group's seneschal. These polls can only be returned by mail to the address at the top of the poll. No electronic submissions will be taken. Polling information from non-residents is only collected through the online polls.

I think all of the candidates are great - and any one of them would be fine as the next Baron(s)/Baroness(es), should I still return my poll?

That's really GREAT that you feel that way - please complete your poll and let the Crown know that! It's important that these polls are returned to show that the populace is invested in the life and livelihood of keeping the group active. Do not assume that because some is a great fit - they will just get the position, we need to hear that from you!

I don't really have an option one way or the other...should I still return my poll? OR I don't ‘play' in this group so I don't really care, should I still return my poll?

YES! Please complete your poll and send it back! It's ok to not have an opinion about the situation, but still complete a poll so we know that there are people being reached in that area. Groups can only be determined by geographic area (zip code) and active membership status. Returning your poll helps to gauge the activity level of the populace in that area. If you feel you need to say you belong to another group on your poll, then go ahead and make that comment.

I am not an active SCA member OR I am not a resident of the local group, but I want to express my feelings?

All commentary from the populace - regardless of member status or residency - is appreciated. Leadership and transfer of group status can influence or affect more than those who reside within its borders. If you feel as though you have information pertinent to the decision of the polling group, and would like to share it with the Crown, you should complete the poll labeled "non-resident" poll.

Do I HAVE to write comments?

Residents of a Barony or other transitioning group do not have to write comments - but it would be great if you did! Returning your poll is part of a civic responsibility to the Society, the Crown, and the group where you currently reside. Exclusively clicking numbers on your poll expresses only your opinion and not the rationale and feelings behind your decision.

If completing a poll from outside of the transitioning group, comments are a required field on the online polls. There is likely a strong reason you sought out the poll to express your opinion to the Crown, so please list why you're completing the poll and how you feel about the candidates or transition. We recognize that the leadership of groups can have a strong effect on more than those living within its geographic borders.

When sending comments by mail, they can be written directly on the poll itself or as part of a separate sheet. If on a separate piece of paper, please sure to title your page with your name and the transitioning group name.