Rivenstar Ride Share & Event Tracker

To use the Event Tracker, just click the "Sign Up" button next to each event you plan to attend. This will allow members of the Barony to more easily arrange carpools and to more accurately make award recomendation entries. Changed your mind and not attending? Just click the X next to your name to remove yourself from an event you signed up for.

Don't see an event you're planning to attend in the list? Let us know and it will be added!

Date Title Attendance Sign up
2017-10-21 Fall Crown Tourney Adam-Mac
2017-10-28 Day of Discovery Gives you RUM
2017-11-04 All Souls
2017-11-04 Grand Day of Tournaments
2017-11-11 Crystal Ball 34 Lena Ursus
2017-11-18 Bardic Madness Midrealm Adam-Mac Katrin Lena Ursus
2017-12-02 Rivenstar Christmas Court Lena Ursus
2017-12-17 St. Nicholas Tourney for Tots
2018-01-13 Twelfth Night
2018-01-20 Festival of Maidens Lena Ursus
2018-01-27 A Regular Event in Cleftlands XXIII
2018-02-10 St. Valentine's Day Massacre
2018-02-24 Courting on the River