Missile Weapons Collegium

General Information:

The Barony of Rivenstar invites one and all to our Missile Weapon Collegium - September 7th, 2019.

Saturday activities will include open ranges and classes for Target Archery, Combat Archery, Thrown Weapons, and Siege. There will be a bonfire Saturday evening.

Date & Location

Friday, September 6th at 5pm - Sunday, September 8th at noon

Huis Doorn - 8650 Kirkridge Lane, Lafayette, IN 47905

This is a wet site. The grounds are relatively flat and recently mowed, but they are not wheel chair friendly.


  • Adult Registration Fee: $15 ($10 with member discount)
  • Child (6-17) Registration Fee: $5
  • Children 5 and under: Free
  • Family Registration Cap: $30
  • Food: Lunch: We will have deli meat sandwiches and sides available on site. Goodwill donations will be accepted for lunch. There are also lots of restaurants in the area within a ten minute drive.
    For those staying for dinner, we will be having pulled pork sandwiches with various picnic-style side dishes and drinks for $5.00 per person. We will have a small quantity of smoked chicken for those who can't have pork. The meat is being smoked on site by Ray from Viking Archery.
  • Merchants Fee:No fee, but no indoor space - you will want to bring your own sun/rain cover, chairs, and tables.
  • Day Camping: This is an outdoor event on a private residence. There are no indoor facilities. We strongly recommend bringing day shades, chairs, coolers, and anything else you would need for the day's activities.
  • Overnight Camping: Camping is available at no extra fee and will be available Friday and Saturday nights. Troll will not open until Saturday morning. No campfires are allowed on site.
  • Reservation Payments: Make Checks payable to SCA, Inc.-Barony of Rivenstar. Please still check in at Troll even if pre-registered.
    • Send Reservations To:
      Françoise Katze
      4955 State Road 26 West
      West Lafayette, IN 47906
  • Autocrat: Lady Katrin Grimsdottir
  • Archery MIC: Lady Ellbrig ingen Eoain
  • Siege MIC: Master Jean Paul Pierrepont
  • Combat Archery MIC: Mistress Sarah of the Erie Sea
  • Thrown Weapons MICs: Lady Katelin the Greene
  • Food Coordinators: Lady Enkara of Darkhorse and Baroness Nan Astrid of York
  • Facebook Event:


For those who will be bringing children not their own: There are TWO forms that you will need to bring for each child. They both need to be signed by the child's parent or legal guardian. ONE MUST BE NOTARIZED per Indiana law.

1) This form needs the notarization and should be kept with the child at all times:

2) This form is the usual Minor Waiver:

PLEASE have both these forms filled out and signed/notarized where appropriate for each child you will be bringing that you are not the parent or legal guardian of. This requirement is out of our control and the children affected will not be allowed to attend if they are not completed properly before arrival. Thank you.


Huis Doorn

8650 Kirkridge Lane, Lafayette, IN 47905

The site is a few minutes drive from a full service gas station with ice and a mini Mart. Grocery stores, Walmart, Meijer, and a number of fast food and sit-down restaurants are within about a 10 minute drive.

No campfires are allowed on site.

This is a wet site.

Site Map


8:00 am Site Opens
9:00 am Troll Opens
10:00 am
11:30 am Lunch
12:30 pm
1:00 pm
2:00 pm
3:00 pm
4:00 pm
5:00 pm
6:00 pm Dinner
7:00 pm
8:00 pm
9:00 pm
10:00 pm
10:30pm Site Closed

Merchant Information

Merchanting space is available. There is no fee, but no indoor space. Bring your own booth and tables. Any questions should please be directed to the autocrat, Lady Katrin Grimsdottir.

Attending Merchants

  • Viking Archery Supply


Join us for a fantastic day on the range!

9:30 am Inspections and Practice
10:30 am Friend or Foe Tournament
11:30 am Range Closed for Lunch
12:30 am Open Shooting
1:00 pm Range Closed
1:30 pm Clout Shooting
2:30 pm Family Shoot / Shooting by Sight Mark
3:30 pm SSAC Style Tournament
4:30 pm Novelty Shoot
5:30 pm Range Closed for Dinner
7:00 pm Castle Window Shoot
Dark Range Closed

Thrown Weapons

Individual Coaching will be available from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm and again from 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm.

Thrown Weapons
10:00 am Open Throwing
12:00 pm Range Closed for Lunch
1:30 pm Open Practice
2:00 pm Mystery Tournament
3:00 pm Open Throwing
5:00 pm Range Closed

Combat Archery

Combat Archery
9:30 am Tubular Ammo Inspection class
11:00 am Fiberglass Ammo Inspection class
12:30 pm
1:00 pm Admin Class
2:30 pm Authorizations Start
3:00 pm Melee Portion of Auths
4:00 pm
5:00 pm

MITs/Prospective MITs: PLEASE CONTACT ME AT LEAST ONE WEEK BEFORE THE EVENT to tell me that you will be attending, if possible. My address is or you can find a link on the Midrealm webpage.

All classes will be held on the Combat Archery range

CA MIT class - Combat Archery Ammunition Inspection -- Tubular Ammo
CA MIT class - Combat Archery Ammunition Inspection -- Fiberglass Ammo

Instructor: Sarah of the Erie Sea, DEM CA

These are separate 90 minute classes; please be on time.

This class teaches you how to inspect this type of ammunition in preparation for becoming a Combat Archery Marshal. You will learn about basic construction, what good ammo should look/feel like, and about common problems to look for.

There will be a hands-on test at the end of class to make sure you know your stuff! You will get a sign-off for your MIT class only if you do well on the test, so please prepare ahead of time.

Please know the construction/inspection parts of the CA Handbook and its appendices. If you'd like pictures, go to the construction section of the 35-foot spear website. Check out the Quick Inspection Guide for this type of ammo. Make sure it is the August 2019 version! There should be links on the CA Page of the Midrealm website (

(If you're not very familiar with this type of ammo, see if you can find a Combat Archer to show you their stuff.)

NOTE- There were some changes to the Handbook. They are:

  1. Tape on the head does not have to be red anymore. It needs to contrast with the head and shaft, and cannot be yellow. Crossover tape on Fiberglass ammo cannot be black, white, or yellow (regular strapping tape is ok). Tape on the head of tubular ammo cannot be black or yellow (but the tape around the shaft can be anything as long as it is less than 10%yellow).
  2. Fiberglass ammo does not need the wrap around the point of the APD.
  3. Sil-o-flex equivalent tubing must be PE3408, PE3608, PE3710, PE4710. It must be 100psi or 125 psi.

CA MIT class - Combat Archery Admin (Paperwork/Auths/Field)

Instructor: Sarah of the Erie Sea, DEM CA

This is a 90 minute class; please be on time!

This class goes through the paperwork you need to know as a CA Marshal and how to run CA Authorizations (including authorization paperwork). We will also discuss requirements and concerns for marshaling the field when there is CA (and Siege) in use.

There will be a quiz and a walk-through at the end of class to make sure you know your stuff! You will get a sign-off for your MIT class only if you do well on the information, so please prepare ahead of time.

Please know the marshaling parts of the CA Handbook and its appendices. There should be links on the CA Page of the Midrealm website ( Also, check out the marshal section of the Armored Combat Handbook for the melee-related info. See what applies to CA!

Siege Weapons

There will be siege engine demonstrations throughout the day!

Siege Weapons
8:00 am
9:00 am
10:00 am
11:00 am
11:30 am
12:00 pm
1:00 pm
2:00 pm
3:00 pm
4:00 pm
5:00 pm

Arts & Sciences

Please contact the autocrat, Lady Katrin Grimsdottir, if you would like to teach

A&S Barn A&S Tent
8:00 am
9:00 am Bow Making Workship
9:30 am Bow Making Workship Sharpening and Weapon Care
10:00 am Bow Making Workship Sharpening and Weapon Care
10:30 am Bow Making Workship Flemish Twist Bow String
11:00 am Bow Making Workship Flemish Twist Bow String
11:30 pm Bow Making Workship
12:00 pm Bow Making Workship
1:00 pm Bow Making Workship
2:00 pm Bow Making Workship Arrow Repair Workshop
3:00 pm Bow Making Workship Tassel Making
4:00 pm Bag Making

Class Descriptions

Title: Basic Bow Making Workshop
Teacher: THL William McFayden
Description: Tillering a finished bow from a roughed out stave with hand tools. Includes making a Flemish twist string in choice of colors. Material cost is $50 which includes stave and material to make string. Students should bring a durable pair of gloves for doing file work.

Title: Basic Sharpening and Weapon Care
Description: Learn how to clean and sharpen your edged weapons and how to store them properly.
Teacher: Duke Moonwulf Starkaadherson

Title: Tassle Making
Description: Learn how to make your own tassels out of yarn. No fee or class limit.
Teacher: Baroness Nan Astrid of York

Title: Flemish Twist Bow String
Description: Learn how to make a Flemish Twist bow string.
Teacher: Lord Andrew of Rivenstar

Title: Arrow Repair Workshop
Description: Bring your broken arrows and Andrew will show you how to do minor repairs and possibly save some of your arrows. 2:00 pm in the A&S Tent
Instructor: By Lord Andrew of Rivenstar

Title: Bag Making
Description: Learn how to crochet a bag to carry all your stuff. Rocky has plenty of yarn in lots of colors for you to choose from.
Instructor: Lady Marilynde of the Rocks


Lunch: Sandwich Choice of Turkey & Provolone or Ham & Swiss, bag of chips, fresh fruit, condiments on the side, drinks, (PB & J will be available as well)

Price: Donation

Dinner: Pulled Pork Sandwich, potato salad, coleslaw, fresh veggies, various desserts, drinks.(There will be a small quantity of chicken for those who donít eat pork.)

Price: One Sandwich Meal $5.00, Extra Sandwiches $2.00 each

All food service will be in the A&S Tent. Paper plates/cups and utensils are provided. There is limited table space. Please bring your own chairs.